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pentacast 36: Unhosted


Right after teardown of Datenspuren 2011, we abducted the speaker Michiel for a new episode of Pentacast: The Unhosted project, aiming at no less than saving the Internet. By separating data and applications, you get the freedom of choosing/running your storage service. The projects standardizes a protocol that makes these services usable by all Web apps in the browser.

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auf vielfachen Wunsch einer einzelnen Person: 13:29 <+Dr_Azrael_Tod> interessanter pentacast "unhosted" war interessant

Dr. Azrael Tod added these pithy words on Tuesday, 18. October 2011 um 13:51

Hörenswert. Guter Überblick zu Intentionen und Ideen von unhosted. Was ich interessant finde ist die Parallele zwischen ISPs und Storage Providern. Vielleicht ist das Web ja doch noch zu retten ;-)

bigalex added these pithy words on Wednesday, 19. October 2011 um 09:49
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pentacast 36: Unhosted
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